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Church Library Organization  NEW

Volunteers NEW

·         Church Volunteer Central  excellent blogs on a wide variety of aspects of volunteering, from leadership to training, supporting to leadership and more. 

·   Game On!  Links to a number of sites to practice using the Dewey Decimal System – identifying fiction and non-fiction, alphabetizing and sorting, and other shelving skills.  Examples are:

  • Order in the Library  Help staff learn how to shelve books correctly using the Dewey Decimal system. Three levels – sorting, shelving and re-ordering, with increasing levels of difficulty/complexity. Includes a tutorial. 

  • Shelver a simple fiction and non-fiction shelving game developed for primary students

  • Wayzata Plymouth Creek  Large number of links


      Library policy & procedures   NEW

·        Church Library Basics, by Vernita Kennen, published in Religious Product News   

·    A handbook for church librarians, second revised edition, National Church Library Association, Augsburg Press, 2007. 978-0988959200. Check online for new or used copies or contact staidans.library(at)

  • Organizing a Library or Resource Center: Creating a Policy and Procedure Manual, by Carol Campbell. CSLA manual, 2010

·         Sample Library Mission Statements.  Virginia Church Library Association.



Collection building and maintenance

Book Reviews

Prefer reading paper copies?  Check your public library for Booklist, Kirkus, Library Journal, and School Library Journal


Book Supplier


 Movie reviews

Audio Books

  • The AudiFile reviews of audiobooks, plus award winners

  • Additional resources for selecting materials

  • Bibliographies by Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA* see General Resources)

  • FantasticFiction  Check the order of books in series; up to date, and also covers many older series, both secular and religious.


Book awards


Library Catalogs 

  • WorldCat Connect with the holdings of over 10,000 libraries around the world who have joined a network to share their content and services. Great for seeing how others have catalogued an item, and you can copy how they have done it. Includes Library of Congress and Library and Archives Canada collections.

  • Library Thing Free, online sharing of cataloguing books, music and movies by from over 1,000 libraries

  • Library of Congress Authorities  Search authority headings by Subject, Name, Title and Name/Title combinations and download MARC records free of charge.


  • Dewey Services includes an introduction to the Dewey Decimal System, Dewey summaries, and resources for teachers and students, including tutorials for children and adults.

  • MARC Standards – A Library of Congress website with links to information about Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) standards. 

  • ISBN converter – International Standard Book Numbers are typically either 10 or 13 digits.  There are several sites that will convert from one to the other for you, and the easiest to use is the one by Library of Congress.  To see others, Google “ISBN converter”.

  • Cataloging and Classification for the 21st Century [Print Edition]  NEW by Susan E. Snyder and Scott M. Dutkiewicz; edited by D. Lewis. CSLA Guide* 2016.  Newly updated.  All the steps from physical processing to encouraging catalogue use, to creating bibliographic records, classification, and classification schedule.

  • Subject Headings in the Library Catalog [Print Edition], by Dorothy G. Lewis. CSLA Guide*, 2007. 32 p. $12.00.  This guide will help the beginning or experienced librarian identify the subject of a book and choose the most useful subject heading.

  • Online tools for cataloguers in church libraries & denominational resource centers NEW  A resource list created by Pat Schufelt, Foothills Presbytery Resource Center. These are the most useful websites and documents she personally uses and recommends.



  •  Booklist Online Excellent columns by Rebecca Vnuk. Search online for “Weeding Tips the Basics” and “Shelf by Shelf” for a look at weeding by Dewey hundreds.

  • Vnuk, Rebecca The Weeding Handbook: a Shelf-by-Shelf Guide.  ALA, 2015.9780838913277.  Expands on the articles in Booklist.  Well worth borrowing from the public library.

  • CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries, revised 2012 to include a section on e-books.  NEW.  The CREW (continuous, review, evaluation, weeding) method, created by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, is an excellent manual that explains clearly why weeding is necessary, and how to do it to keep your library attractive and relevant. A standard for over 30 years, it has been updated for today’s libraries. Bibliography. Downloadable pdf.  Page also has links to teaching resources.

  • Weeding Library Collections: A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation.   NEW ALA Library Fact Sheet 15

  • Collection Evaluation -- and De-Selection (Weeding) NEW ALA,  Covers general resources, collection evaluation, evaluating school media collections, sample weeding policies, weeding by subject, blogs, disposing of discards, and public perception


Book Care and Repair 

  • Book Care and Repair Tippicanoe County Public Library has put together a great selection of internet resources on repairs, general book care, and equipment and supplies.

  • Basic book repair for Beginners  a workshop for Library Technicians & Assistants Section of BCLA, by Mandi Schwarz. NEW Link Includes links to pdf documents, and to YouTube where you where you can watch the whole workshop, or go directly to sections of it dealing with specific issues.  Good instructions, but it’s not always easy to see exactly what she’s doing.

  • Book Care and Book Repair by Brodart.  NEW   Includes general information, tips, links to book care, repair videos on various issues, and answers to common questions.  Download a pdf copy of their “Guide to Book Care and Repair” NOTE: 2017 Conference attendees will be receiving a free copy of this 52 page booklet in their registration package!

  • Book Protection and Repair Guide  by Carr McLean.   NEW   Downloadable pdf.  Includes a helpful section at the beginning on the parts of a book, and how to judge whether you should discard, mend, or rebind professionally.  Well-illustrated, but no links to videos. Includes repair of paperbacks and magazines and a glossary of supplies

  • Book Repair Basics for Libraries  American Library Association webinar materials (pdf), with links to YouTube and other resources.

  • DEMCO Library Collection Care Videos  NEW   13 different book repair issues covered in separate YouTube videos.  Good clear instructions with excellent close-ups so that you can see exactly what to do.

  • Index to the CLABC Newsletter for the series on book care and repair. Members only access to Archived issues. Very good on preparing items so they will last longer.

  • YouTube – search "book repair" for other items


Supplies and Furnishings 

Library Planning & Design

  • Bookstack planning and layout guide by Borroughs Corporation for Wilsonstack shelving. Lots of useful information.

  • Calculating books per shelf  Written for planning for a Bookmobile, but the information is relevant.

  • Church library space, furnishings, and interior design (Lifeway Press) updated c2011

  • Furnishing to make your library functional  Furnishing a media library, but much is applicable to any library

  • Moving Library Collections; planning shifts of library collections by Shirien Chappell.  Recommended by Pat Schufeldt of CSLA. A free planning guide

  • Space planning  by Ellen Bosman. Frequently used measurements for planning shelving , furniture, seating, etc. for libraries.

  • Fortriede, Steven Carl Moving your library: getting the collection from here to there, ALA, 2010, 9780838909942 – check your public library or have them order Interlibrary Loan.

  • Library Suppliers

    Canadian Sources

  • Brodart Company.  Your source for library supplies and furnishings, plus website tip sheets for book care and repair, book jacket covers and more.  CLABC members discounts until Dec 31, 2017

    15% off on supplies with free shipping on consumable supplies over $150.

     15% off on equipment and furniture, with freight added at the time of invoice.

    Sign up for email notices on their main page, and you will be notified of sales and special offers. These include additional discounts or free shipping.  You can order online or by phone.


    Carr McLean NEW   Toronto based supplier of library and archival materials for over 50 years.

American Sources


General office supplies 



Computers and Library Automation  

Should you automate?

  • Researching Library Software Purchase” SEE Newsletter Archives Nov 2011

  • The Benefits of a Library Automation System”   While written by an employee of Jaywil Software (ResourceMate) it gives good general information  on factors you should consider before automating.

Automation vendors 

Church library websites 

  • Foothills Presbytery Resource Center  “a 21st Century Virtual Library – Resources for Education and Leadership”.

  • System used:  OPALS

  • Tabs include new items, news, library hours, web links, pathfinders, reader    reviews, Reserve shelf, featured – Genre collections

  • QR code to scan to access catalogue 

  • Be sure to check out links on home page

  • Pathfinders: A pathfinder is a bibliography created to help begin research in  a particular topic or subject area. (Pathfinders are also referred to as subject guides, topic guides, research guides, information portals, resource lists or study guides)." (Wikipedia)   Check out the pathfinder “Nurturing the faith of children” as an example


Promotion & Publicity   NEW

General Resources 

  • Ellen Bosman of New Mexico State University Library has a site of resources for Church Libraries, with regularly updated links to a multitude of resources. Topics include Associations, Print review sources, Electronic reviews, Awards, Software, Discussion lists, Starting a library, Space planning, and more.  Outstanding!

  • Web resources for Church Librarians Created by the National Church Library Association (NCLA), which closed in 2012.  Many of the links still work, though some are dated. Worth checking out.

  • *CSLA Bibliographies and guidebooks List of titles currently available from the Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) is sent out to CLABC members annually with their membership receipts. Extra copies of the list may be requested from Services.   Titles may be viewed at the Services Desk at Conference or at meetings of the Victoria Chapter of CLABC.  Order from CSLA or CLAO. 

  • KidSpirit  Online is a free teen magazine & website for kids created by and for young people to tackle life's big questions together. Teens share online writing, poetry, artwork, volunteer opportunities and examine their spiritual development in a non-affiliated and inclusive forum. Check out this overview of the online spiritual magazine by and for teens, and its blog.  Current online issue is available on main page.

  • How to Build a Great Church Library  NEW   Excellent article for those starting or restarting a library, with advice from church librarians in BC and Ontario.   Originally published in Faith Today, November/December 2008.



Check back for additions to this list of resources



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